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Material handling agv

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-03-17 source: Internet
Material handling agv
Name: Material handling agv
Introduction: Material handling AGV suitable for AGV transport to the phase away from the process, the handling between the process can be achieved unmanned.
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Use occasions: suitable for AGV transport to the phase away from the process, the handling between the process can be achieved unmanned.
Transfer with AGV to the next process

From rail line to assembly on AGV

Compared with the fixed equipment track line, because there is no need to separate the workplace, you can effectively use the space; because you can work on the AGV, it can rotate 360 degrees, you can respond to changes in emergency production plans, as long as the tape can be replaced, It is easy to quickly change the production line.
AGV instead of man handling

      There are four main advantages to the use of AGV trolley materials: to reduce human dependency, to increase productivity, to increase safety, and to save floor space. The solution is mainly used for the transportation of raw materials and fittings in the production process. And finished goods storage and so on.
       AGV uses a robotic system that does not require operator intervention to function properly, which greatly reduces the reliance on manual operation. Moreover, unless there is a failure, these material transport vehicles can be 365 days a year, 24 hours a day without interruption, so the production and storage process will not be affected by shift or workers attendance and other factors, but also greatly improve the productivity.
Companies that rely on the development of the transport system will be able to achieve significant improvements in the use of AGV solutions, as these new products move faster and differ from constant speed vehicles, and AGV can be accelerated as needed. Although the material transport system has been very popular, but many companies still follow the forklift, which sometimes bring security risks, especially in the warehouse traffic is much more prone to accidents. In contrast, AGV relies mainly on sensors or in the fixed orbit to move, so the use of these automatic car system can greatly reduce the incidence of accidents.
The last advantage of using AGV is its small range of motion and high accuracy. While the forklift in the process of moving need more space, compared to the material transport solutions in the transport of goods in the process of very little, so companies can make full use of ground space, will be used to store more goods Or expand the plant in the future.
Recently, just a domestic electronic equipment manufacturers are aware of this. In a recent project led by Danbach, the customer's use of the AGV system, the number of vehicles within the warehouse greatly reduced, the previous need 10 forklifts to complete the workload now only 6 AGV car can be easily completed The At the same time, the feasibility study shows that the new material transport solution will increase the order fulfillment rate by at least 50%.
Compared with other materials transportation system suppliers, Danbach's material transport system advantages are the following two points: First, customized services, and second, the company has a wealth of experience in the field.
As far as we know, there are very few logistics solution providers in the world who can customize AGV according to user needs, and Danbach Automation Co., Ltd. as far as possible to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach - as long as the program can be achieved in the context of engineering, The company's internal design, engineering and programming team will go all out to develop solutions tailored to the user. In addition to providing flexible solutions, Danbach will also use its deep regional experience in cooperation to showcase the prospects of AGV products and provide solutions that meet their requirements.