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Intelligent warehousing

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-03-17 source: Internet
Intelligent warehousing
Name: Intelligent warehousing
Introduction: The AGV-based Intelligent warehousing developed by Danbach is based on the mobile robot as the bearing platform, with theIntelligent warehousing design and management optimization algorithm as the core, through the multi-robot coordination and dispatchin
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 The AGV-based Intelligent warehousing developed by Danbach is based on the mobile robot as the bearing platform, with theIntelligent warehousing design and management optimization algorithm as the core, through the multi-robot coordination and dispatching technology, combined with warehousing management software, automated logistics equipment interface, Intelligent logistics of the modern storage system.

AGV intelligent warehousing can realize the automatic transmission of robot, automatic picking and other functions, to the storage, loading and unloading, handling, stacking, storage, picking, packaging, delivery, delivery and so the whole process of highly automated, and thus improve the logistics turnover efficiency , To ensure the timeliness of logistics supply, accuracy and flexible storage function.
Intelligent warehousing

The Danbach AGV intelligent warehousing system consists mainly of the following:
1, AGV intelligent robot platform
    AGV intelligent robot to complete the basic logistics and transportation, cargo positioning, identification and cargo capture and other functions, according to different application scenarios, intelligent logistics robot can achieve light, heavy and other types of logistics transport functions. Among them, automatic navigation software, motion control module and robot mechanical movement unit is the main component of intelligent robot platform. Compared with the traditional logistics AGV, AGV intelligent robot platform can simply achieve the full freedom of the mobile function to ensure the flexibility of logistics crawling or transport, and traditional AGV products to achieve full freedom to move, usually need to deploy a lot of additional equipment to complete , Such as laser reflector, etc., the general price is more expensive. Moreover, the traditional AGV flexible mobile function, usually located in some high-end, heavy-duty products, it is difficult to meet the growing demand for light intelligent logistics.
    The intelligent robot developed by Danbach has realized the omnidirectional mobile automatic navigation technology and the omnidirectional mobile ontology design technology in low cost way. The omnidirectional mobile technology based on image and inertial navigation has applied for national invention patent.
    For light logistics, you can use a large number of intelligent robot collaboration to complete, heavy logistics using laser navigation robot to complete, to meet the flexible mobile, intelligent scheduling system requirements.
2, multi - robot coordination and scheduling system
    In addition to intelligent robot's individual flexible function and precise control algorithm, multi-robot coordination and scheduling technology is the core technology of intelligent logistics system. Multi-robot coordination and scheduling system according to the upper task automatically generate a series of specific transport tasks, and intelligent robots, operators, storage shelves, traditional automated logistics equipment, such as the perfect docking. In order to realize these interface functions, multi-robot coordination and scheduling system is needed to complete the tasks such as task scheduling, congestion control, real-time monitoring, historical data mining and learning.
    Danbach's technical team, successfully developed the leading multi-robot coordination and scheduling system, you can schedule hundreds of intelligent robots at the same time to complete the logistics system to automatically distribute the task.
3, intelligent storage design and management optimization algorithm
    With the increasing level of manufacturing and customer demand, warehousing systems in various industries are faced with many challenges: how to improve the efficiency of warehousing system turnover, reduce labor costs; how to improve the technical and accuracy of warehousing operations; how to quickly complete the heavy Product selection function and so on. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to optimize the warehousing system from the system point of view, and need advanced intelligent warehouse design and management optimization algorithm to improve the overall warehousing logistics. In order to solve these problems, the enterprise's management decision-making layer is more and more concerned with the overall operation efficiency of the whole storage system. Operational efficiency
    Intelligent storage design and management optimization algorithm is the core of the whole intelligent storage system, including warehousing operation mode, business process, warehouse layout, location allocation, location adjustment, order processing strategy, automatic replenishment strategy, run path planning and so on Optimization of the algorithm module, through the universal model and personalized custom interface to multi-robot coordination and scheduling system as the executive layer, effectively connected to mobile robots, logistics personnel, automation equipment, logistics management software, in order to achieve the overall intelligent storage design and Management optimization.