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Danbach Robot Jiangxi Inc. located in the Red Revolution Holy Land - Nanchang City. Is a good whole plant automation solutions provider, the whole plant automation equipment integration manufacturers, is Nanchang and state-level high-tech enterprises; mainly engaged in logistics and sorting equipment, non-standard automation complete sets of equipment, interconnection factory production systems, Intelligent logistics warehousing systems, industrial robots and other hardware and software systems research and development, planning and design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical services.

        Danbach has a skilled, experienced professional R & D and technical management team. With a complete set of mechanical processing and sheet metal, welding, Denso production equipment and long-term stability of the product supply chain. Warranty system has passed ISO9001 certification, running well. More than 300 employees, more than 80 senior engineers, enjoy the State Council issued a government subsidy experts, other types of technical staff and skilled workers more than 200 people.

        Over the years, Danbach developed a series of different users demand, with completely independent intellectual property rights applicable, practical, easy to use, the use of high-tech products, including the world's top 500 enterprises, including many users and troops, public security system It provides hundreds of sets of automated production systems, automated warehousing and distribution systems (centers), self-guided robots and regional purification engineering systems. It is widely used in various mechanical products, electronic products, petrochemical products, food and beverage, Pharmaceutical, packaging and printing, tobacco industry, precision manufacturing, photovoltaic industry, logistics management, warehousing and distribution and household appliances, hotels, building materials, and other fields, praised by users. Standing with the height of the world's advanced technology, Danbach technology company has with the Northwestern Polytechnical University, South China University of Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University and aerospace technology companies to establish a technical cooperation, technological innovation and technological upgrading, and strive to world-class level Move forward

        Danbach always adhere to the needs of users-oriented, "in good faith to win customers, relying on the quality of the market to win" management philosophy. Dedicated to the vast number of users at home and abroad to provide advanced technology, manufacturing sophisticated, safe and reliable, efficient and efficient quality products and first-class service.

        So that our advanced technology for customer development help, with our sophisticated products for customers to create wealth. Danbach company sincerely look forward to working with domestic and foreign customers work together to share the brilliant!