company culture

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1, Dare to first, the courage to challenge the spirit of reform;
2, Dedicated dedication, hard study of the spirit of hard work;
3, Perseverance, perseverance of the spirit of struggle;
4, Diligent thinking and quick action, continuous learning and innovation spirit;
5, Respect for talent, attention to the professionalism of technology;
6, Strict system, pay close attention to the pragmatic spirit of management;
7, Justice and benefit, contribute to the glory of society;
8, Respect for science, never complacent spirit of innovation;
9, Homeopathic, advancing with the times the spirit of the times;
10, Inclusive, Heiner rivers inclusive spirit;
11, Seeking the same sum, the unity of the spirit of unity;
12, To explore life, the pursuit of the ideal of the cause of the spirit.