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Forklift AGVs

The forklift AGV has strong carrying capacity, they can fork the material pallet for transportation directly, automatically decelerate when turning, and has the functions of automatically recognizing obstacles and stopping in time. The driving is safe and reliable; it is mainly used for the distribution of raw materials on the production line and the transportation of semi-finished and finished products. Factory warehouses, etc.; can replace some people in industrial production to do some monotonous, frequent, labor-intensive and repeated long-term work or dangerous, harsh environments.

Lurking AGVs

The Lurking AGV is a AGV that can be produced in a limited environment and is free to shuttle AGV in a highly limited gap environment. The main feature of the Lurking AGV is that its compactness and flexibility. It can select the nearest route when it is empty, which greatly improves the efficiency of turnover.

Warehouse Logistics AGVs

At the top of the warehouse agv there is a lifting disc that lifts items weighing up to 500kg-1ton. The warehouse agv robot scans the bar code on the ground and can move the shelves where the goods are located from the warehouse to the employee processing area according to the order of the wireless order, so that the staff can pick and scan more items per hour, the efficiency is three times that before, and The warehouse agv robot accuracy rate reached 99.99%. The Danbach warehouse agv robot can increase the sorting capacity by nearly 50%. The system consisting of a logistics robot and a robotic arm can unload and receive a trailer in 30 minutes, which is several times higher than before.

Material load AGVs

This type of load AGV cars are mainly used for automated logistics distribution of warehouses to workshops in the process of assembly of spreaders. It can efficiently and accurately and flexibly complete the task of material handling, greatly improving assembly efficiency and contributing to production, logistics and other aspects. Automated transformation and upgrade. The load AGV trolley can load 1 ton of material, has a strong climbing ability, can adapt to a slope of 6-8 degrees, is equipped with an automatic guiding device, and can rely on the information brought by the electromagnetic track on the ground to travel along a prescribed guiding path. The in-house workshop can be “unblocked”, making it easy to turn, pan, and rotate in place.

AGV Robot System:

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Application of AGV trolley:

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First, cargo handling

In the process of goods and materials handling in factories, warehouses and workshops, the use of AGV is popular and applicable in all walks of life. According to statistics, as of October 2018, there are about 20,000 different types of AGVs operating in 2,100 large and small warehouses around the world.

Second, the production line flow operation

Traditional production lines are generally composed of continuous rigid transmission equipment, ranging from a few meters to several kilometers, typical examples such as automotive assembly lines. Since the advent of the AGV car, this pattern has been completely changed. It is not only an automatic guided vehicle but also a mobile assembly station processing platform. They can work independently, independently, and accurately and orderly, although there is no The formation of physical partitions, but can play a regulatory role, higher efficiency than the previously highly dynamic and flexible production lines, the cost will drop a lot, so that companies can invest more in product development.

Third, special application scenarios

AGV driverless automatic handling solves some special environmental problems that are not suitable for people to produce or work, mainly in some dangerous industries, such as nuclear materials, dangerous goods (pesticide, toxic substances, corrosives, biological products, flammable and explosive materials). )Wait. In nuclear power plants and places where nuclear radiation is stored, AGVs are used to transport cargo and avoid dangerous radiation. There is also an industry with high strength and safety requirements. In steel plants, AGV is used to transport the charge and reduce the labor intensity of workers. Then there is the role of human unsuitability, such as work in the dark environment. A typical example is the film warehouse, where AGV can provide materials and semi-finished products in a dark environment, which is beyond the reach of human beings.

Our Services

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1. Installation Services: In the period of installation and debugging, we shall offer training about effective operation and maintenance.

2. Technical Services: We can assist our clients to solve all kind of technical problems with our capable technical team, and we own adequate experience for production line transformation project.

3. Warranty Services: We offer free after sale service except the engineers' traveling expense for any quality problem occurs during our 12 months warranty period.

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