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1, To the strategic integration and restructuring of the industry as the center The next five years should optimize the company's resource allocation and industrial structure, the implementation of the strategic integration and reorganization of the industry put all the work of the central task, to promote the "three-year plan , Five-year plan, "the established strategy, efforts to improve the company's resource concentration and economies of scale, enhance the company's core competitiveness of the industry.
2, To improve the level of professional operation and management. The next five years, all the industry and business units should improve the level of professional operation and management as a key focus on doing a good job, the company's existing industry to do real, specifically, and stronger. To this end, the business group and business unit should first focus on product and service management, professional division of labor and professional skills training on the hard work, vigorously cultivate senior professional managers, professional and technical and management team, so that products and services R & D, design, manufacturing, marketing and service in the value chain can create the ideal value, thus enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise, gaining more market share and achieving higher return on net assets than the industry average. In doing a good job on the basis of products and services, has formed a certain scale and conditions of mature industries, you can gradually transition to brand management. So that the company's main business of professional operation and management level and market development ability to a new level. The implementation of the three major brand strategy, should focus on three tasks: First, the establishment of a special brand management agencies, in-depth summary and study of the brand's connotation, business philosophy and unique business model; the second is the implementation of brand engineering, , Quality service and model works, so that the brand has a very influential material carrier; third is to seize the local business opportunities to expand the brand's external influence and visibility.
3, To consolidate the basis of management, improve the quality of corporate management based on the overall, the company's management should be turned from the rule of governance to governance, from top to bottom to consolidate the basic management work, and gradually realize the management of scientific, standardized and institutionalized. In accordance with the company's deployment, strengthen the management of the work in three stages. The first stage is to adjust the organizational structure of the company headquarters, improve the corporate governance structure of the company, adjust the division of responsibilities of the general manager of the company, adjust and strengthen the management functions of the headquarters functions, so as to achieve the goal of enhancing and optimizing the company's control. In the future, the company's headquarters should focus on strengthening strategic management, investment management and financial budget management, strengthen the risk prevention mechanism and improve the information management level. The second stage is to rationalize the parent company management model, the progressive realization of equity (shareholder) management. The third stage is to establish a sound.