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Unmanned forklift AGV realizes intelligent warehousing

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-19 source: Internet

If you want to quickly realize smart warehousing, it is recommended to put in an unmanned forklift directly, or to convert an existing forklift into an unmanned forklift. At present, AGV forklifts mainly have two technical routes: laser-based and vision-based. Laser technology is relatively mature at present, but the price is relatively high; although the price of vision-based agv forklift is relatively low, there are not many companies with mature technology in China. Agv forklifts are general-purpose equipment for unmanned storage, which can be used in scenes such as large and medium-sized shelves, flat cache warehouses, workshops and factories. It has the advantages of high intelligence, automatic charging, and high efficiency. Due to high cost performance and large application flexibility, unmanned handling equipment based on laser navigation and visual navigation is the mainstream.

warehousing agv forklift

2. What types of agv forklifts are there?

According to the navigation method, it is divided into: ribbon navigation, magnetic navigation, laser navigation and visual navigation agv forklift. According to the function, it is divided into: pallet type agv forklift, counterbalance type agv forklift, stacking type agv forklift and forward-moving agv forklift, etc. According to the application industry: ordinary agv forklift and special agv forklift (such as explosion-proof agv forklift).

3. How effective is the unmanned guided vehicle?

The main advantages of agv forklifts are:

1) Unmanned transportation, agv forklift can automatically dock with the warehouse management system to complete automatic pickup, automatic handling, and automatic storage;

2) Save labor, the agv forklift can work 24 hours a day, saving 2-3 labor on average;

3) Safe and stable, with safe laser detection and anti-collision detection, which can effectively reduce the rate of cargo damage and ensure the safety of personnel. The current agv forklift can seamlessly connect to the user's management system, such as WMS/WMC/RCS. With the development of AI deep learning and the popularization of 5G, agv forklifts based on large-scale dispatch platforms will be more widely used in warehousing logistics and production line transfer.

Unmanned forklifts, as a kind of forklifts that replace humans to achieve unmanned operations, can mainly help companies reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency, and promote the process of intelligent transformation of enterprises through the arrival of goods into goods. A new mode of intelligent warehousing production.