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Application of stacking laser forklift AGV

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-26 source: Internet

In the factory area of ??some manufacturing companies, due to the constraints of the spatial layout, or the large storage capacity requirements and the narrow distance between the shelves, ordinary AGV forklifts cannot achieve steering operation in narrow lanes, and the fork and shelf stations cannot For effective docking, manual or other equipment needs to be added in the middle, so that the AGV forklift cannot give full play to its advantages.

stacking forklift agv

Stacking laser forklift AGV is used for the logistics turnover of pallet materials on platforms of different heights. It is composed of natural environment laser navigation system, steering wheel traction and steering drive system, hydraulic lifting system, safety system, power supply system, etc., with navigation accuracy High performance, reliable performance and high cost performance. It can be widely used in industries such as automobiles, home appliances, electronics, new energy, warehousing, medicine, and electric power.

In order to better alleviate the pressure brought by labor costs to enterprises, forklift AGVs can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted work, which greatly reduces labor costs for enterprises, and can also help enterprises improve production efficiency. In the future development trend , Forklift AGV trucks will be widely used.

Stacking forklift AGV can handle stacks on platforms of different heights. It is suitable for single-sided, Sichuan-shaped pallets and similar materials. It is used for automatic material handling and stacking on storage and production lines. The load can reach 1600kg and the stacking height can reach 2800mm. In addition, with the continuous emergence of forklift-type agvs, it has also helped many companies' factories and workshops to bring them benefits. I believe that in the future, agv's technology will be updated and iterated, and it will definitely be loved and favored by the majority of manufacturers at that time.