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Towing AGV trolley for material handling

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-31 source: Internet

AGV is characterized by wheeled movement. Compared with walking, crawling or other non-wheeled mobile robots, it has the advantages of fast, high efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability, and good safety. It can be well matched with stackers, monorail trolleys, conveyor belts, conveyor chains, and conveyor rollers commonly used in material transportation. The activity area of ??AGV does not need to lay fixed devices such as rails, support frames, etc., and is not restricted by venues, roads and space. Therefore, in the automated logistics system, it can fully reflect its automation and flexibility, and realize efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production.

material towing agv

Product introduction: Towed AGV, after arriving at the designated location, manually hang the feeder on the towing hook (automatically hooked), the AGV reads landmark instructions through the magnetic stripe guide, and after the feeder is towed to the designated position, it is automatically unloaded Unloading car. It can tow multiple carts at a time, and this cart has multi-site selection function.

Application scenarios: Widely used in the handling of materials and finished products in industries such as automobiles and home appliances.

Among the intelligent logistics equipment, the traction AGV trolley has become an irreplaceable equipment tool. It not only has high flexibility, high work efficiency and high accuracy, but also greatly saves labor costs and brings better benefits to enterprise development. Many companies have begun to use traction AGV trolleys. It not only improves the automation of product handling, but also speeds up the handling efficiency and reduces labor costs.