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Performance advantages of laser stacking forklift AGV

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-22 source: Internet

The laser stacker forklift AGV is a series of AGV products developed by Danbach according to the actual requirements of different industries. It is mainly composed of AGV body and lifting device. This equipment is responsible for lifting and transporting empty pallets, loaded pallets, paper rolls, etc. It is suitable for single-sided pallets. According to the lifting weight and working environment, the wide/narrow support legs can be customized.

The AGV laser stacker forklift adopts advanced laser navigation technology, no need to install reflectors, magnetic strips, etc., and no need to modify the customer site. It can accurately locate and fork goods to realize multiple modes such as machine-to-machine, machine-to-ground, ground-to-ground, and stacking pallets; equipped with a moving forklift AGV central control system, which can realize multi-vehicle dispatch and traffic control , Docking with customer systems and other functions; 24*7 uninterrupted work, flexible operation, efficient and cost-saving.

laser stacking forklift agv

Product features of laser stacker forklift AGV:

Precise positioning: AGV forklifts are based on the self-developed laser core algorithm, which automatically corrects forklift installation errors and achieves a repeat positioning accuracy of ±10mm

Stable base: The solid and wide base and supporting legs greatly enhance the stability of the AGV forklift, and the thick body can carry more weight

Flexible and changeable: the driving path can be flexible and changeable, can be suitable for a variety of on-site environments, the driving route can be modified at any time through the software, and no other positioning facilities on the ground are required, and the maintenance is convenient

Autonomous charging: support autonomous charging, no staff intervention is required during the charging operation

Automatic obstacle avoidance: By scanning obstacles, automatically distinguish the nature of obstacles, divide them into stationary objects, people, and moving objects, and react to different types of obstacles, such as stationary objects (AGV forklift trucks). Bypass), people (AGV forklift voice reminder); moving objects, AGV forklift waiting for the companion.

Multi-vehicle dispatching: With the multi-forklift dispatching system, it can realize the accurate, efficient and flexible dispatching of multiple automatic forklifts, helping to achieve the highest work efficiency.

Safety protection: support the safety protection of a variety of sensors, including but not limited to lasers, collision bars, photoelectric, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel and goods during the operation of laser forklifts

Application of laser stacker AGV:

The laser stacker forklift AGV can be applied to industries such as automobiles, machinery, electronics, CNC, textiles, tires, food, warehouses, papermaking, logistics and other industries, with a wide range of applications.