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The navigation form of laser navigation unmanned forklift

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-24 source: Internet

The laser-navigated unmanned forklift has become an important equipment in modern logistics and warehousing. It can not only carry heavy objects with high precision, but also can be dispatched by multiple machines, and there will be no collisions during driving. It mainly relies on lidar as a sensor to detect the external environment, realize navigation and positioning, and has high reliability and flexibility. But its laser navigation forms are also diverse, some are based on reflection marks, some are based on the external natural environment, and of course there are also a combination of the two. Next, I will take you to understand these three navigation forms and their characteristics.

laser navigation forklift

1. Laser navigation based on reflective marking

A sufficient number of laser reflection marks are arranged around the route of the automatic guided vehicle, and the laser radar detects and recognizes the reflection marks for navigation. The navigation method is stable and reliable, has high positioning accuracy, low algorithm complexity, low requirements on the external environment, and wide application.

2. Laser navigation based on the external natural environment

This kind of navigation is also called natural navigation. It uses the contour information detected by the unmanned forklift lidar as a reference for navigation. There is no need to install laser reflection marks, which reduces the installation and debugging time of the unmanned forklift AGV system, and improves the flexibility of the forklift AGV system.

3. Composite laser navigation based on reflective markers and natural environment

On the one hand, the composite navigation uses the surrounding natural environment information to locate, and on the other hand, places reflective markers in the platform area where the environment recognition is poor or requires precise positioning, so as to solve the real-time positioning problem of the automatic guided vehicle.

The above are the three navigation forms of the laser-navigated unmanned forklift. In actual application, you can choose the appropriate navigation method according to your own situation.