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Attention to the selection of laser AGV forklift

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-10 source: Internet

The general types of AGV forklifts are: fixed fork-leg AGV forklifts, balanced AGV forklifts, fork-leg handling AGV forklifts, usually single-sided pallets are suitable for AGV, double-sided pallets are suitable for balanced AGV forklifts, etc. To understand the information of the intelligent laser AGV forklift to move goods and pallets, you need to pay attention to the information of the intelligent laser AGV forklift to move goods and pallets before determining the model of the intelligent laser AGV forklift.

1. Is there a pallet and the type of pallet: such as single-sided or double-sided pallets.

2. Pallet size (mm), cargo weight (kg); lifting height (determined by stacking position and shelf height), highest load (kg), cargo size (mm): length * width * height,

3. The cargo handling and stacking site environment, the site layout diagram such as the stacking area and the size of the driving lane space, etc., can not explain the on-site measurement and the operation path of the AGV forklift;

4. The frequency of picking up the goods and the usage time of the forklift (whether spare batteries are needed), and whether automatic charging is required;

5. Use environment to determine whether the ground is flat; whether there is oil on the ground; confirm the installation position of the reflector, and whether the AGV forklift is running on the route;

6. Whether there are requirements for the accuracy of cargo release;

7. How to put the goods (for example, put the shelves, stack the bins, and put them directly on the ground).

laser forklift agv

Determine the model and appearance of the intelligent laser AGV forklift. Technical requirements for parameters:

After understanding the pallets, goods, and driving environment, under normal circumstances, you can choose the matching AGV forklift type and model.

However, since the appearance of AGV forklifts designed by various manufacturers is relatively large, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the appearance of the forklift is humanized, meets actual application requirements, and meets customer preferences. To some extent, AGV forklifts still focus on safety and have arcs. The AGV forklift adopts a streamlined design, which is more humane than the square and angular car body, because it effectively avoids the sudden rushing employees or other obstacles.

The shape, appearance and model of the AGV forklift have been determined. We need to compare in detail whether the parameters and technical requirements of the AGV forklift can meet the customer's requirements. If it can meet the requirements, the AGV selection can be determined.

In addition, the AGV forklift we choose must have an alarm device and an emergency stop device. When the AGV forklift is abnormal, an alarm will be issued, and the staff can immediately rush to the scene to remove the abnormal state. When the AGV forklift encounters a sudden abnormality and needs an emergency stop, an emergency stop can be realized by pressing the emergency stop device to ensure the safety of the goods and the forklift itself.