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Logistics AGV replaces manual logistics handling in manufacturing

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-03 source: Internet

From the perspective of Chinese domestic market, AGVs are widely used in automation industries such as electronics, automobiles, and home appliances. The increasing demand for AGV in many emerging industries has promoted the development of logistics AGV . With the development of intelligence and automation in the manufacturing industry, logistics AGV have become the inevitable choice for logistics and warehousing such as online raw materials, offline finished products, warehousing, and cargo delivery.

It is expected that logistics AGV vehicles will appear in workshops of various industries in the next few years. Compared with many domestic manufacturers that focus on AGVs, Danbach logistics AGV trolleys have been used in various industries and will strive to better serve customers' automation and intelligent development.

warehouse logistics agv

Logistics AGV trolleys still play a huge role in traditional manufacturing. Now that industrial automation is vigorously developed, AGV handling robots have promoted the transformation of enterprises, and their role cannot be ignored. With the cooperation of AGV handling robots, the transformation of the enterprise is one step closer to success. Everyone who has worked in the factory knows that the factory is a very difficult place, and all the work is unskilled. With the logistics AGV trolley transporting materials, the factory can become a multi-AGV and manual cooperation, thereby saving a lot of labor for the enterprise.

In a factory with tens of thousands of people, the number of employees has been reduced to a few hundred, and hundreds of AGV handling robots have been invested. This kind of man-machine matching can save labor costs to the greatest extent. The logistics AGV trolley can work 24 hours a day to improve logistics efficiency. The introduction of AGV handling robots in traditional factories makes the factory image different.

Efficiency is the most important thing for a company. Danbach logistics AGV trolley is the best choice to improve the production efficiency of enterprises. With the emergence of intelligent unmanned transportation vehicles, traditional manual forklifts and manual transportation have been eliminated, saving labor wages and improving production efficiency have promoted the transformation of enterprises.