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Operation method of forklift warehouse agv

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-29 source: Internet

AGV warehousing forklifts refer to unmanned forklifts mainly used in warehousing and logistics environments for operations, most of which are operated by electric means. Electric methods are inseparable from the help of batteries. Their purpose is to store all the electricity in the unmanned forklift and use it in a suitable place. And the agv warehouse forklift also relies on this original operation.

When we are operating agv warehouse forklift, the maintenance of the battery must be done well, such as the placement of the battery, etc. Generally, the battery is placed in the forklift upright, so we should pay attention to whether it is placed when installing the battery The position of the is correct, because if it is not placed properly, the dilute sulfuric acid in the battery will flow out, which will affect the life of the battery. Of course, it will also bring unnecessary effects to our work. There is one more thing It is the operation method of agv warehouse forklift.

warehouse forklift agv

Operation method of agv warehouse forklift:

1. Keep proper starting speed when starting, and should not be too violent.

2. Pay attention to the voltage of the voltmeter. If it is lower than the limit voltage, the forklift should stop running immediately.

3. When the forklift is moving, it is not allowed to turn the direction switch to change the direction of travel to prevent burning of electrical components and damage to the gears.

4. Driving and lifting should not be carried out at the same time, slow down in advance when changing.

5. Pay attention to whether the sound of the driving system and steering system is normal. If abnormal sound is found, troubleshoot the fault in time. It is strictly forbidden to work with illness.

6. When operating under poor road conditions, it is important to appropriately reduce the importance and reduce the driving speed. When carrying goods on a steeply sloped road, pay attention to the firmness of the goods on the fork.

The above content is about the operation method of agv warehouse forklift. I hope it can help you. If you are interested in the above content, you are welcome to leave a comment.