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Classification and advantages of AGV smart forklifts

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-02-19 source: Internet

1. AGV smart forklift classification

Handling forklift, reach forklift, stacker forklift;

Forklift type AGV, roller type AGV, non-standard or industry AGV;

Forklift type AGC, roller type AGC;

Submerged AGC, tail traction AGC, non-standard or industry AGC;

Submerged AGV, trailing AGV;

agv smart forklift

2. Advantages of AGV smart forklift

Improve logistics management-AGV unmanned transport vehicles can make the placement of goods more orderly, tidy and standardized.

Reliable dispatch ability-data analysis and remote control through the AGV central control system.

Prevent cargo damage-if the work is carried out manually, the product may be damaged due to manual irregular operation or negligence, but the AGV trolley can avoid the loss caused by this mistake for the enterprise .

Flexible site requirements-AGV trolleys are much narrower than the lane width required by traditional forklifts. The AGV system can change the path anytime and anywhere.

Long-distance transportation-the AGV system can effectively carry out transportation at any site, reducing the waste of human resources.

Optimize the process flow-AGV robots can easily connect many processes together as needed, and more intuitively discover the rationality of the site process arrangement.

Special working environment-AGV unmanned guided vehicles can work in environments where personnel are unsuitable or have potential safety hazards.

Safety-The guided movement path of the AGV robot is very clear. The AGV will automatically stop when encountering obstacles on the driving path, and the human-driven vehicle will be deviated due to human judgment, so the AGV improves the safety.

Cost control-AGV robots can save a lot of labor and quickly recover the investment, and at the same time increase the employee turnover rate for boring mechanical handling tasks.

Reasonably use the existing floor space, improve corporate image and workshop cleanliness, and realize unmanned production.