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Stacking forklift AGV used in warehouse handling

Author: DANBACH Date: 2020-11-23 source: Internet

From an application point of view, forklift AGVs mainly share handling, transportation, and storage processes. These robots can not only make the logistics links more streamlined, but also significantly improve work efficiency and reduce labor production costs.

The stacking forklift AGV trolley on the market has always been a classic production line and warehouse logistics handling model. It has a good user reputation and flexible operation. The maximum lifting height can reach 5m, the maximum bearing capacity can reach 3.5 tons, and it can be automatically divided. Assign tasks, plan routes, and work together in multiple vehicles to realize intelligent handling between production rooms and warehouses, eliminate the risks of traditional handling operations, and improve warehouse efficiency.

stack forklift agv

High precision: laser navigation technology, navigation accuracy ±2mm, control accuracy ±5mm.

Stable scheduling: adopts high-end core control system and intelligent algorithms.

Diversified structure: Based on the rich car body, it can use the AGV of handling/stacking/forwarding forklift suitable for the scene.

Precise customization: customized solutions for customers, low cost and high efficiency.

Flexible and easy to operate: It can realize rapid deployment, does not require technical personnel to operate, and there is almost no environmental modification.

Standard interface: integrated with WMS/MES/SAP system.