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What is the ability of an artificial intelligence product manager to have?

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-05-19 source: Internet

First of all we answer: Artificial intelligence product manager need to understand technology?
In fact, may or may not need.
I wrote an article before, called "product manager in the end do not understand the technology? " In that article, I focused on a point of view - the product manager does not need to understand the details of the implementation of the technology, but the need for product architecture and product logic capabilities. Correspondingly, in the artificial intelligence products, we do not have to know exactly what the details of DNN, depth learning in the end is how to learn, but need to know what the technical module, what is the user's scene, how through the product By the combination of the two. If you need to understand the details of the technical module in the process of product design, then you may need to learn a little about the logic of the technology. You do not need to know how technology is achieved, it is not the core of your work.
In fact, in my opinion, the artificial intelligence product manager and other Internet product manager is no essential difference, I was in the previous article "operation-driven: a know" operation "the true meaning of the people, be regarded as the real Internet" About my previous work experience at Microsoft's Little Ice. Microsoft ice is divided into two parts on the product, part of the core chat CoreChat, the other part is the scene of the operating functions. In this process, the product manager needs to have a strong product architecture capabilities, logical capabilities, scene capabilities, functional design capabilities, operational capabilities, and even the ability of BD, all this and other areas of the product manager and not too much different.
So, for the artificial intelligence product manager, the need to have is still the most basic product capabilities.
2, artificial intelligence outlet worth pursuing it?
A: worth it I am above the description, it goes without saying.
3, artificial intelligence product process is what kind of?
I have an immature little theory called "100, 10, 1" and can come try to answer this question.
"100,10,1" point of view of artificial intelligence:
100: fantasy 100 years after the world back because of artificial intelligence into what kind of?
10: imagine 10 years after the artificial intelligence in which areas completely replace human?
1: thinking about 1 year, which industries will be directly under the impact of artificial intelligence?
Combined with the future of Imagination, if we are going to do artificial intelligence product manager, we need to pay attention to what will happen next. In fact, in some industries have begun to involve some of the functions of artificial intelligence, such as the medical industry, intelligent auxiliary diagnostic decision-making system, such as the automotive industry, automatic driving aids, such as the financial industry's face recognition technology.