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How is artificial intelligence hot?

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-05-19 source: Internet

Now we simply answer the second question, artificial intelligence hot up the reason.
In fact, in the past few decades, artificial intelligence has been a very popular field of computer science, whether it is machine learning, neural networks, have been a variety of scientific research organizations to fight, but most of us as a computer science Outside the passers-by can not know it. However, in recent years, artificial intelligence suddenly hot up, in my opinion there are at least the following two reasons.

1, objective reasons:
With the development of cloud computing, data collection, processing and analysis have become easy, large data can exist in all walks of life a variety of data systems, the popularity of large data is the artificial intelligence of the hot.
Moreover, the development of deep learning technology has brought a lot of fresh ideas and solutions, whether it is image processing, natural language processing, large data analysis, recommended engine technology, etc., all of a sudden so that many behind-the-scenes technology can come to the stage, making Many product features can be directly applied to the depth of learning to bring the technical changes. This kind of technology brings the gospel, making artificial intelligence closer to the user, so the attention of the upgrade has brought a hot effect.
2, subjective reasons:
If the Internet Web1.0 originated in 1990, then the Internet Web2.0 is about in 2007 - 2010 began to spread. Web1.0 era, the human-computer interaction is done through the PC personal computer, people have a fixed time every day to use the computer, the computer to help people connect information faster, connect others, connect transactions. With the popularity of smart phones, Web2.0 era, we are no longer limited by the computer's non-portability, people can access the network anytime, anywhere, fragmented human-computer interaction characteristics of the impact is enormous. Information access is no longer only through the media, from the media can also carry more information, and even pay the times also followed; we go to chat, no longer off-line online, anytime, anywhere to communicate with people. These changes are consistent so far.
When we go back to see the time, found Web1.0 to Web2.0 about 15 years, and Web2.0 has also been 10 years. The development of the times there are always some interesting laws, today, we have begun to consider the Web3.0 era, that time the human-computer interaction will have what kind of characteristics? In recent years, a variety of chat robot products, intelligent hardware products are actually trying to answer this question, and capital and the need to promote the seeds of this new thing and development. So, we see a lot of subjective reports began to track any fresh artificial intelligence products, continue to attract people's attention to this unknown field of innovation, Kai-fu Lee's teacher's speech in fact to a certain extent, is constantly subjective dissemination of artificial intelligence products. These subjective spread, brought by the artificial intelligence is hot.
More importantly, the subjective communication for the investment community, practitioners in terms of value and significance are huge, because the increase in attention, the field of energy, talent, resources will increase, which has just begun to product of artificial intelligence It is of great benefit.