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Application and the characteristics of forklift AGV

Author: DANBACH Date: 2020-11-25 source: Internet

AGV forklift applications: material handling and loading and unloading in docks, warehouses, factories and other environments with large freight volumes, which fundamentally replace manual operations, improve warehouse handling efficiency and reduce enterprise costs.

Danbach forklift AGV features:

1. High positioning accuracy, strong practicability, autonomous positioning and autonomous navigation during driving;

2. The AGV dedicated to handling pallets is flexible in operation, greatly saving manpower and improving efficiency;

3. With dual protection technology, intelligent identification of pallets, to meet storage needs.

Industrial AGVs can be divided into automatic pallet trucks, automatic trailers and automatic forklifts according to their uses. They can also be divided into electromagnetic guidance, laser guidance, inertial guidance and other forms according to their guidance methods. With or without track is divided into track AGV and trackless AGV. For non-industrial applications, AGV can be used for expeditions, hazardous materials handling, blind guide, etc.

automatic forklift agv

1. Automatic truck

The automated guided vehicle is similar to an electric vehicle, and has its own cargo capacity.

2. Unmanned trailer

Automatic trailers, also known as automatic tractors, have no load-bearing capacity. They are mainly used to tow and transport vehicles, similar to the front of a truck.

3. Automatic forklift

The automatic forklift is actually an unmanned forklift. Currently, the automatic forklift is mainly powered by batteries. If the loading capacity is required, it can also be driven by an engine.

The distinguishing feature of AGV is unmanned driving, which can ensure that the system can drive automatically without manual navigation. It is flexible and has a high level of automation and intelligence. AGV can be flexibly configured according to changes in storage space requirements, production process, etc. AGV can also automatically interface with other logistics equipment to realize the automation of the entire process of cargo or logistics loading, unloading and handling.

In addition, AGV also has the characteristics of clean production. AGV relies on its own battery to provide power. The operation process is extremely low noise and pollution-free. It can be used in many places that require a clean working environment.

With the continuous improvement of AGV performance, its application range has been greatly expanded. It will not only be widely used in industries such as industry, agriculture, national defense, medical care, and service, but also in hazardous and hazardous areas such as risk removal, search and arrest, rescue, radiation and space. Hazardous places are well applied, almost suitable for various occasions such as storage, manufacturing, post office, library, port, airport, tobacco, medicine, food, chemical industry, hazardous places and special industries.