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Industry Application of backpack AGV

Author: DANBACH Date: 2020-11-26 source: Internet

The backpack-type AGV trolley is to place pallets, racks, bins and other goods on the AGV body for transportation, and the magnetic strip guides the AGV to select the destination by identifying the landmarks. Or use lidar navigation to identify the site and select the destination. The truck runs smoothly and is suitable for transportation.

The backpack type AGV can place items or equipment on the car body or install a material rack with roller belts, choose a station to stop, and the AGV can carry out back and forth transportation according to multiple stations AB or AC. This model is widely used in warehouse goods or equipment handling in factory workshops.

backpack agv

The backpack AGV has a compact structure, flexible walking, and a load capacity of at least 300kg. It can travel forward and backward in two directions. It is more flexible than ordinary one-way AGVs, cost-effective, and versatile. The main working method is to lurch under the trolley, use the traction lifting rod to automatically lift, hook up or drop off the material car, and replace the material staff to complete the material distribution and empty material car recovery, and realize the automation of production material distribution. This backpack AGV trolley is suitable for a production system with a long delivery cycle and a simple delivery model. Multiple AGVs can be used to build a flexible production line. It is widely used in automobiles, home appliances, hardware, electronics, textiles, storage, clothing, chemicals, and food. , Papermaking and other industries and various automated logistics distribution production systems.

The backpack AGV adopts advanced multi-sensor fusion technology to quickly realize the flexible driving of the AGV between factories, which not only reduces the labor intensity of the staff, but also improves the material transportation efficiency of the workshop. Backpack AGVs are widely used in 3C, manufacturing, smart storage, etc.