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The shortage of labor to promote the use of agricultural robots

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-05-19 source: Internet

In the UK, the referendum made the local agriculture face a new round of mechanization in advance. With the continuous improvement of the national standard of living, in the face of the gradual increase in the minimum wage level, many farmers have to reconsider the change in their mode of operation.
The milking machine for the automatic milking of dairy cows has become mainstream. Automatic feeding systems and animal health automatic tracking system usage is also rising. According to the latest report, British researchers will soon be in the Sarawak Experimental Field trial free production of crops, from planting to harvest the whole process will be in the absence of all completed by the machine.
Some farmers say that if they do not want to improve their productivity, or the economic output of hourly work, the British government alone will increase their minimum wages to bankruptcy.