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Artificial intelligence solves any product problems?

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-05-19 source: Internet

Artificial intelligence must be a product to solve a problem in order to highlight the value of the period, even if the game value. The Internet as an efficiency tool, which plays a vital role in connecting people and everything, also creates great value, then is it possible for artificial intelligence to increase the value in this connection?
for example. When we use some financial software or services, the most need to enhance the security issues. Over the years, many financial software or services do not want to provide too many features on the client side, mainly worry about network security or users lose the phone and other issues. But with the face recognition technology by leaps and bounds, many software have introduced the function of face recognition, you carry out some large transactions or relatively high risk of security operations, you will be asked to open the front camera for some of the blink of the eye , Left and right shaking his head, shaking his head up and down the action, so as to ensure that you are real I (although some software does not use artificial intelligence technology, just put your steps to record it, as evidence). This technology + product (scene) of the application, it greatly enhance the efficiency of the value of the product is to solve the problem.
Artificial intelligence is certainly not just a product of a problem, and sometimes even solve the problem of the entire enterprise solutions.
For example, when a company has accumulated more than 10 years of industry data, these data related to transactions, records, finance, warehousing, logistics and so on all aspects of the ordinary algorithm has been unable to deal with this complex data system. At this point, the large data can be effectively through the statistical analysis of data in which to find some special rules, such as when the time of delivery of goods change, the number of transactions may have doubled growth. This through the large data to find the law, and then to assist the decision output, the composition of the product model is artificial intelligence. Because people can not find this law, it is impossible to make such a decision.
So, we can see that artificial intelligence for the product, its value is reflected in the past years of the value of the Internet on a continuation, are expected to be able to greater efficiency advantage.