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500kg 1ton load warehouse logistics agv robot

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-18 source: Internet
500kg 1ton load warehouse logistics agv robot
Name: 500kg 1ton load warehouse logistics agv robot
Category:AGV system
Introduction: 500kg 1ton load warehouse logistics agv robot uses two-dimensional code inertial navigation operation, high precision and fast speed,with automatic avoidance obstacles
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500kg 1ton load warehouse logistics agv robot uses two-dimensional code inertial navigation operation, high precision and fast speed; with automatic avoidance obstacles, posture retention and other powerful functions to transport the shelves where the goods are located from the huge warehouse storage area to the staff processing area, greatly improving Processing efficiency.

logistics agv

The operating principle of Logistics agv:

After receiving the instruction from the work center, the AGV guides it to the cargo loading position by the navigation system. After the loading is completed, according to the preset instruction, after analyzing the starting point-end point path, the optimal walking path is planned and walked to the designated position. In the process, the two-dimensional code navigation system is continuously used to identify the surrounding feature mark information, and the AGV subsystem is used to calculate and analyze its location in real time, and then transmitted to the work center computer by wireless communication to manage and plan the overall logistics operation of the industrial site. Progress, avoid mutual interference and improve transportation efficiency.

Vision-based QR code location technology:

Vision-based QR code localization technique: For a two-dimensional code subsystem, the coordinate information of the ground on which the two-dimensional code is directly opposite is stored. The AGV reads and recognizes the two-dimensional code through its own high-resolution telephoto camera, and at the same time, through the rotation of the two-dimensional code image in the camera coordinates, and the electronic compass data, the precise orientation of the AGV can be determined. The information encoded by the two-dimensional code and its position information in the image can be used to completely locate the AGV car.

500kg-1ton load warehouse logistics AGV Parameter:

 150kg 180kg
  Max Speed
  Guidance Type

  Visual+2 Dmimensional Code

  Obstacle Avoidance
  Laser Radar
  Communication Mode
  Stop Accuracy
  Lifting Height
  Full Lifting Time
  Battery Capacity
  Working Hour
  8 Hours for Full Loaded, It Can Meet Requirements of Continuously Working 24 Hours
  Automatic Charging,Manual Charging,Battery Replacing
  Work Status Light
  Front / Rear
  Emergency Switch
  Front / Rear
  Quick Start Button
  Two Sets Both in Front / Rear
  Charging Method
  anual Charging or Automatic Charging

Logistics agv industry application:

1. E-commerce warehouse sorting:

Nowadays, Internet e-commerce is so prosperous, manufacturers' inventory management and loading capacity directly test the level of their supply chain management, and using the automation technology of storage robots, they can grab and move shelves and goods, and send goods directly to The selection of employees, followed by packaging and delivery, is an effective way to improve the efficiency of warehouse picking, reduce the number of tally personnel, and realize warehouse automation. It can be seen that the development prospects of the application market of warehousing robots and warehousing dispatching and management systems are considerable.

logistics agv

2. Third Party Logistics:

As a third-party automated material handling equipment, AGV can complete battery replacement in one or two minutes, or automatically charge. It can achieve nearly 24 hours of full-load operation, and has the advantage that manual work can't match.

warehouse agv

3. Complete sorting logistics in the factory:

In-plant complete sorting AGV, the robot uses inertial two-dimensional code navigation, not only small and flexible, but also high precision and speed; it has the ability to automatically avoid obstacles, freely plan routes, maintain posture and other powerful functions. Logistics agv can move the shelves where the goods are located from the huge warehouse storage area to the employee processing area according to the order, greatly improving the processing efficiency. Using logistics agv can improve storage capacity by nearly 50%.

sorting logistics agv

Logistics agv system analysis:

1.System traffic light:

When multiple logistics agv pass the same intersection at the same time, the system adopts the “ traffic light” mode of dispatch;

2. Path re-planning:

In the process of performing tasks, logistics agv can predict that even if the paths conflict, if there is a conflict, the system will adopt the "avoidance" mode and re-plan the subsequent paths;

3.Optimal path planning:

Before the logistics agv performs the task, the system components are scheduled using the "optimal path planning" mode.

logistics system agv

The advantages of logistics agv logistics solutions:

1. Reduce labor, replace factory forklifts or oil-electric forklifts, and reduce labor costs;

2. Reduce the labor intensity, reduce the logistics error rate, ensure the product quality, and realize real-time monitoring of the whole process of materials;

3. Improve production efficiency and reduce inventory of turnover products;

4. Improve the level of factory automation, show the strength and image of the company, and enhance the competitiveness of the company.

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