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Loading and unloading operation AGV

Author: DANBACH Date: 2019-06-26 source: Internet
Loading and unloading operation AGV
Name: Loading and unloading operation AGV
Category:AGV system
Introduction: The loading and unloading AGV can be used to load or unload items from the transportation equipment at the designated location
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The loading and unloading AGV can be used to load or unload items from the transportation equipment at the designated location or in a variety of industrial applications.Loading and unloading is another important part of circulation, which runs through the whole process of circulation. 

Loading and unloading AGV refers to the intermediate link equipment for transporting, storage, packaging, distribution and other circulation activities, including loading (ship) unloading (ship) stacking, personnel storage, delivery and short-distance connection of the above operations. Handling. The main difference between it and ordinary transport vehicles is that transport vehicles are generally long-distance transport activities for items, while transporting AGVs is a short-distance transport activity for items.

Loading and unloading AGV is a mechanical device used to move, lift, load and unload materials and goods. Loading and unloading AGV is the basis for mechanization of loading and unloading operations, which directly affects the efficiency and efficiency of circulation.

loading and unloading agv

loading forklift agv

Loading and unloading AGV Parameter: 

  loading and unloading Forklift AGV
  Product Model
  Product Model
  Product Size
  Guidance Type

  Laser Guidance, Magnetic Guidance

  Moving Direction
  Forward, Backward, Left, Right or Bifurcate
  WiFi·Wifi or Radio Frequency
  Driving Method
  Steering Wheel Control
  Driving Power
  Carrying Capability
  AGV Type
  Forklift Type
  Moving Speed
  Turing Radius
  1705-2075mm(it is subject to the forklift outline)
  5-7 degree
  Guidance Precision
  Stop Precision
  Working Method
  24 Hours
  Charging Method
  anual Charging or Automatic Charging
  Safety Induction Range
  ≤1m,Adjustable the distance for emergency brake is less than 20mm (adjustable)
  Alarm Type
  Sound-light Alarm
  Lead Acid Battery or Lithium Battery
  Safety Protection
  Front Obstacle Testing Sensor + Mechanical Anti-collision Mechanism Double Protection + Emergency Stop Button
  Design Life
  >10 Years

Customer Case of loading and Unloading forklift AGV:

We provide solutions for Industrial, Process and Marine customers.

We are wish to introduce AVG system for Sri Lanka industries. So we are looking good partner who'll able to supply AVG systems to us.

I got your details via the internet and think you have very good product. Please can I know the possibility of work with you for the Sri Lanka market as your agent here.

Same time please can I have a quotation for Laser guidance stacking forklift AGV. This should handle loading and unloading operation.

loading agv

forklift agv
forklift agv

Industrial designers need to select the most efficient automated-guided-vehicle (AGV) transportation system, and to set the appropriate number of agents operating in the system.

Our proposed design methodology is able to derive the combinatorial optimal design solutions rapidly, This proposed methodology can be easily applied to any transportation or logistics system. The results demonstrate that the horizontal AGV transportation system is more effective than the vertical AGV transportation system under most demand scenarios.

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