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Counter Balance Forklift AGV

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-18 source: Internet
Counter Balance Forklift AGV
Name: Counter Balance Forklift AGV
Category:AGV system
Introduction: The counter balanced forklift AGV solves the problem of inefficient handling of single cargo, and the load capacity is greatly improved compared to the conventional AGV
Manufacturer: DBH Robot
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The counter balanced forklift AGV solves the problem of inefficient handling of single cargo, and the load capacity is greatly improved compared to the conventional AGV. The vehicle's independent design shortens the turning radius, improves handling stability, and reduces energy consumption. It brings convenience to manufacturers of high-speed beats and large-volume goods.

The counter balance forklift AGV is constructed by a front/wheel and two directional wheels. It is suitable for transporting various pallets, boxes or paper rolls and other handling materials, and can meet different size load units.

The position of the forklift in the environment is obtained by laser scanning and algorithm, and the path is planned by the software responsible for path planning to achieve precise positioning and stable walking; the end reflector is assisted to position the forklift to accurately fork and place the pallet in the station. With this advanced hybrid laser navigation technology, it is fully automated to drive and operate the forklift.

counter balance forkilft agv

The advantages of Counter Balance forklift AGV:

? Hybrid laser navigation technology

Using end-reflector laser hybrid navigation technology, equipped with self-owned forklift

Motion controller for end positioning ±10mm. Improve efficiency and save costs.

? Fully automatic operation

Powerful algorithm and hardware support, completely replace the manual operation of the forklift, efficient and safe.

? High cost performance

The navigation technology and controller are independently developed and manufactured, which is more cost-effective than foreign brands.

? The choice of forklift body

A variety of forklift bodies are available to meet a variety of usage scenarios.

counter balance forklift agv

Counter Balance forklift AGV Parameter:

1200kg 1600kg 2000kg
Weight (AGV) 
1950kg 2050kg
  Height (AGV)
1900mm 1900mm
  Lifting Height
2700mm-5500mm 2700mm-5500mm
  Width (AGV)
1030mm 1030mm


  Turning Radius (Min)
1530mm 1730mm
  Speed (Max)
1m/s 1m/s
  Dimension (Fork)
35mm/100mm/1170mm 35mm/100mm/1170mm
Auto/Manual Auto/Manual
Laser/Magnetic Laser/Magnetic
 1. AC Drive Motor
2. Curtiz AC Drive Motor Controller
  3. Hydraulic Power Unit   
4. Electric Jack Up Limit
5. Standing Pedal
 6. Can Bus Multifunction Handle
 7. Multifunctional Electricity Motor
8. Emergency Power  Off Switch

Counter Balance forklift AGV structure :

forklift agv

counter balance forklift agv

Danbach forklift AGV Intelligent handling storage solution: 

1. Project consultation:

Provide a comprehensive solution for the smart handling industry free of charge, providing cost-effective integrated system software hardware configuration.

2. Project implementation:

Single intelligent truck body, cluster intelligent truck body, software system debugging, one-stop completion.

3. Network interconnection:

The intelligent handling platform supports compatible warehouse management system (WMS), manufacturing execution system (MES), and enterprise resource planning system (ERP) to meet the individual requirements of different enterprises.