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automobile assembly laser guidance AGV system

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-18 source: Internet
automobile assembly laser guidance AGV system
Name: automobile assembly laser guidance AGV system
Category:AGV system
Introduction: These laser guidance AGVs are guided by a plurality of fixed reference points that are detected by a laser sensor at the top of each vehicle
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These laser guidance AGV are guided by a plurality of fixed reference points that are detected by a laser sensor at the top of each vehicle. In addition, the reference point can be easily extended by simply moving the reflector to a different position as needed. Compared to traditional solutions, laser-guided AGV offers a more innovative approach to AGV workflow control.

Danbach Laser Guided Vehicle offer a flexible solution to easily automate your automobile assembly facility quickly. Obtain the benefits of traditional AGV technology with the added bonus of seamless adaptation to your current facility with no need for static barriers. With use of flexible reflective strips, laser guided AGVs can easily get to work improving the functionality of warehouses in most industries.

laser agv

laser agv

The advantages of laser guidance AGVs:

1. Laser guidance AGV has a high degree of automation: AGV is controlled by computer, electronic control equipment, laser reflector and so on. When a certain part of the workshop needs auxiliary materials, the staff inputs relevant information to the computer terminal, and the computer terminal sends the information to the central control room, and the professional technician sends instructions to the computer. Under the cooperation of the electronic control equipment, this The instructions are eventually accepted and executed by the AGV – the excipients are delivered to the appropriate location.

2. laser guidance AGV has achieved charging automation: When the power of the AGV car is almost exhausted, it will send a request command to the system, request charging, and automatically "queue" charging when the system allows it (of course this is Since the technician will set a value for the AGV according to the customer's needs before the sale. In addition, the AGV car has a long battery life and a long time after each charge.

3. laser AGV looks beautiful, enhances the degree of viewing, thus effectively improving the image of the company.

4. Laser AGV is easy to use, can effectively reduce the floor space and working range, and many AGV trolleys in the production workshop can shuttle freely in various workshops without any blockage and crowding in the production workshop, effectively improving the production workshop. Work efficiency.

The above are the four advantages of laser AGV. It is precisely because of the excellent and significant advantages of AGV that AGV has a very broad market and is suitable for many industries. Its effect has shown extraordinary effects in different industry fields and is loved by many people. Of course, another advantage of AGV is that AGV's after-sales is good, so that more consumers have no worries.



laser forklift agv

Automobile assembly Laser guidance AGV Parameter:

Laser guidance AGV
  Product Model
  Product Model
  Product Size
  Guidance Type

  Laser Guidance, Magnetic Guidance

  Moving Direction
  Forward, Backward, Left, Right or Bifurcate
  WiFi·Wifi or Radio Frequency
  Driving Method
  Steering Wheel Control
  Driving Power
  Carrying Capability
  AGV Type
  Forklift Type
  Moving Speed
  Turing Radius
  1705-2075mm(it is subject to the forklift outline)
  5-7 degree
  Guidance Precision
  Stop Precision
  Working Method
  24 Hours
  Charging Method
  anual Charging or Automatic Charging
  Safety Induction Range
  ≤1m,Adjustable the distance for emergency brake is less than 20mm (adjustable)
  Alarm Type
  Sound-light Alarm
  Lead Acid Battery or Lithium Battery
  Safety Protection
  Front Obstacle Testing Sensor + Mechanical Anti-collision Mechanism Double Protection + Emergency Stop Button
  Design Life
  >10 Years
Customer Case of Automobile assembly agv system :


An automobile assembly plant is planning to replace its parts delivery racks from mannual to AGV system. There will be about 10 part delivery stations, 10 AGV is need to work for this application.

A part loaded rack is delivery to the the part feeding platform and then tow back an empty rack back to the empty rack station.The weigh for the rack including parts is about 100 Kgs.

Customer is looking for a lasr guidance system AGV.

forklift agv

counter balance forklift agv

Danbach Company Information: 

Danbach agv products include forklift AGV,laser AGV,warehouse logistics AGV,lurking AGV,load transfer AGV,lifting AGV, etc.

Danbach has rich experience in the filed of automated device design or application, and offers the worldwide client turn-key solution on remote industrial control device, automated conveyor device, intelligent ASRS system and robot integration.

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