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Navigation Method of Danbach AGV

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-18 source: Internet
Navigation Method of Danbach AGV
Name: Navigation Method of Danbach AGV
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Introduction: Danbach AGV navigation methods mainly include three types: QR Code Navigation, Magnetic Navigation, and Laser Navigation.
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As an important tool for automated transportation and handling, AGV is very mature in technology and can completely replace traditional manual handling, to achieve accurate, safe and intelligent cargo transfer and transportation, and to automatically go up and down the shelves. Since its invention, AGV has developed a variety of navigation methods. Each navigation method has its own unique features and uses. Currently, Danbach AGV navigation methods mainly include three types: QR Code Navigation, Magnetic Navigation, and Laser Navigation.

Navigation Method of Danbach AGV

  • QR Code Navigation

2D barcode stick to the ground, QR code AGV is Danbach newly developed product for simple and light material handling in the factory. It uses inertial QR code navigation to be the fastest storage robot in South China. QR code AGV can transport the shelves where the goods are located from the huge warehouse storage area to the staff processing area according to the order, greatly improving the efficiency of the warehouse. The QR code AGV can improve the storage capacity of nearly 50%.

qr code

Two-dimensional code navigation advantages: AGV positioning is accurate, small and flexible, laying and changing paths are also easier, easy to control communication, no interference to sound and light.

Disadvantages of two-dimensional code navigation: The path needs regular maintenance. If the site is complex, the QR code needs to be replaced frequently. The accuracy and service life of the gyroscope are strict, and the site flatness is required, and the price is high.


  • Magnetic Navigation

The magnetic strip navigation technology is similar to the electromagnetic navigation. The difference is that the magnetic strip is placed on the road surface instead of embedding the metal wire under the ground. The magnetic strip sensing signal is used to guide.

magnetic navigation

Magnetic stripe navigation advantages: AGV positioning is accurate, the laying, changing or expanding of the path is relatively easy compared to electromagnetic navigation, and the magnetic stripe cost is low.

Magnetic stripe navigation Disadvantages: Magnetic strips are easy to break, require regular maintenance, path changes need to re-lay the tape, AGV can only walk according to the magnetic strip, can not achieve intelligent avoidance, or change the task in real time through the control system.

  • Laser Navigation

Lidar is mounted on the top of the vehicle. It consists of a vehicle body, a vehicle controller, a walking and steering drive unit, a laser positioning scanner, a laser safety device, a sensor, and the like. The laser scanning and protection device adopts the synchronous positioning technology. The laser scanner detects the shape of the site by itself and intelligently displays the map in the internal industrial computer, so that the AGV vehicle running position can be accurately located, the running route can be reduced, and the working efficiency can be improved.

laser guidance

The advantages of laser navigation: AGV positioning is accurate; the ground does not need other positioning facilities; the driving path can be flexible and adaptable to a variety of on-site environments, it is the advanced navigation method that many AGV manufacturers have adopted first.

Disadvantages of laser navigation: high manufacturing costs and relatively high environmental requirements (external light, ground requirements, visibility requirements, etc.).